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The key to successful wood carving among professionals and hobbyists is tool quality, durability, and reliability. Having the proper woodcarver kit is essential.
BeaverCraft S07 Book Wood Carving Knives Set is a number-one gift for craft lovers. Unusual packaging guarantees that your present will attract attention and be remembered for a long time. After all, the aesthetics of storing tools and their design also matter.

The wooden tool case from BeaverCraft S07 Book wood carving knives set is made of quality materials, so it is durable, secure, and environmentally friendly. The flexible cover is easy to open and close. The surface of the book gift box is very smooth and pleasant to the touch. Owning a BeaverCraft S07 wood carving knife set in a book case is a true pleasure.


The rich and well-thought-out package of the set includes both universal and special tools that cover most of the wood carving tasks. All components of the knives are made following international requirements for professional woodworking tools. All BeaverCraft knives are tested at all stages of production, which ensures the highest quality and compliance with strict European standards.


By purchasing this product you agree to be over 18 years of age. These knifes are not for children, they are not a toy. 

Beavercraft Whittling Knife Set

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